The Company

The Distillery

Destilería Carúpano nestles in a valley amid the humid and fertile earth of the Hacienda Altamira in Macarapana. Founded in 1762, by Spanish captain Felix del Fierro, the Hacienda Altamira is a perfect paragon of the 250 years old history of Carúpano’s Rums. The transformations it has undergone through time, mirror the life cycle of rum itself. It was, at the Hacienda Altamira where the first aging processes took place…

Our Beginnings

Destilería Carúpano’s historic tradition dates back to 1762 when the Hacienda Altamira-Carúpano in Macarapana is established by the Spanish captain Felix del Fierro, and that is where, for the first time in Venezuela, what is now called Ron Añejo was produced. In 1954 the Morrison family bought the bicentenary Hacienda Altamira, abandoned since 1901, after the death of Thomas Massiani…

“At Destilería Carúpano we are committed to improving our ways of working”

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission and Commitment is to produce excellent quality products for the liquor industry to fulfill, with charm and good taste our consumers’ aspirations..

Quality Policy

At Destilería Carúpano, we are committed to improving our working methods, which means an increase of our client base and managing risk in the best possible manner….

Corporate Social Responsibility

For Destilería Carúpano, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is “a business vision that integrates the ordinary management of the company with special respect for their workers”….

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