Destilería Carúpano, provides a variety of services from its industrial plant in Macarapana-Carúpano. It has formulated a Global Manufacturing System comprising ten activities having each of them its own calculation based upon the manufactured units by each department during the cost assignment period. These ten activities have been grouped into four processes:
1st Process

Reception, Hydration, Filling and Assembly

This process starts when the alcohol (derived from cane sugar, grain or grapes) arrives at our plant and ends with the finished product either being barreled and stored in casks to commence the aging period or directly manufactured for immediate bottling.

2nd Process


Which includes assembling, dismantling or repairing of casks for the proper aging of products.

3rd Process


Which ranges from six months to ten years depending on the product requirements.

4th Process

Opening of the casks,
Manufacturing and Bottling

This involves a sequence of events starting with the dismantling, opening and emptying of the aged product from the casks; moving on to manufacturing, which consists of rehydration, preparation, filtering, tasting and resting of the product aged or not, and ends with the bottling and storing of the final product for later transportation.

Destilería Carúpano, offers one or more of the above services depending on the client’s requirements; furthermore, it is in a position to offer advice on all areas concerning licensing, brand patenting and the description, formulation and final definition of the quality of the required product.

Destileria Carupano’s industrial plant capacity and versatility allows it to manufacture all types of alcoholic beverages. At present we have manufacturing contracts to age, produce and bottle the whisky brands from the renowned French multinational Pernod Ricard.

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