Slide 25 Single Barrel

Ron Añejo
Carúpano Legendario

This is an aged collector’s rum 40º g.l. (80º u.s. proof, 30º under proof), unmatched in venezuela and the world; exclusive from a single lot with 25 years of sealed aging without replacement of annual angel’s share and no blending. VIEW MORE
Slide Private Reserve

Ron Añejo Carúpano 21

Authentic 40° G.L aged rum (40% Alc. by Vol./ 80° U.S. Proof) in a glass bottle, sealed with a quality cork and case. Containing aged stocks of up to 21 years without loss reposition. VIEW MORE
Slide Limited Reserve

Ron Añejo Carúpano 18

This is a 40º G.L. extra- aged rum matured at length in sealed white American oak barrels with special reserves up to 18 years of aging and no replacement of Angel’s Share. VIEW MORE
#Elevate the Occassion

Ron Carúpano

Elevate the Occassion

Destilería Carúpano

Our Mission and Commitment is to produce excellent quality products for the liquor industry to fulfill, with good charm and taste, our consumers’ aspirations.

What makes us different?

agua pura

Pure spring water

contexto exigente

A demanding environment


An exceptional microclimate


More than 250 years of Rum Mastery


Controlled Designation of Origin


Selected Sugar Cane Alcohol

Special Edition

Ron Añejo Reserve 1996

An exceptional extra aged treasury rum 40º G.L. (40% Alc. by Vol./ 80° U.S. Proof), doubly aged in sealed white American oak barrels, without replacement of annual angel’s share, sourced from distillate reserves originally barreled in 1991. It has evolved from its conception resulting in an aged rum with unique and unrepeatable sensory attributes and an annual special edition of 5,000 crystal cut decanters with fine casing.

Old Reserves

Ron Añejo X.O.

A unique extra aged anthology rum 40º G.L. (40% Alc. by Vol./ 80° U.S. Proof), with long aging in sealed white American oak barrels, without replacement of annual angel’s share, sourced from ancient private family reserves. Annual limited and numbered edition consisting of 2,000 crystal cut decanters inside an elegant case.

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Destilería Carúpano

Know our history

The Hacienda Altamira is a perfect paragon of the 250-year-old history of Carúpano’s Rums. The transformations it has undergone through time, mirror the life cycle of rum itself. It was, at the Hacienda Altamira where the first aging processes took place…

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We offer services to third parties

Destilería Carúpano, provides a variety of services from its industrial plant in Macarapana-Carúpano. It has formulated a Global Manufacturing System comprising ten activities having each of them its own estimation based upon the number of manufactured units by each department during the cost assignment period…

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    Commercial office:
    Centro Comercial Bello Monte, Mezzanina,
    Oficina 3. Caracas, Venezuela.
    Phone: 58 -212 -701 - 7777 (master)

    Industrial plant:
    Hacienda Altamira, Macarapana-Carúpano, Venezuela.
    Phone: +58 - 294 - 331 -1385