Our Beginnings

Destilería Carúpano’s historic tradition dates back to 1762 when the Hacienda Altamira-Carúpano in Macarapana is established by the Spanish captain Felix del Fierro, and that is where, for the first time in Venezuela, what is now called Ron Añejo was produced. In 1954 the Morrison family bought the bicentenary Hacienda Altamira, abandoned since 1901, after the death of Thomas Massiani, one of the owners who strived to give the property the highest prestige and growth it had seen since 1840.

The original intent of the new owners, taking into account the water wealth of the estate and its successful tradition of producing quality rums, was to re-establish its sugarcane milling capacity and the distillation and aging of rums; for this purpose, they join forces with Alejandro Hernandez, owner of Industrias Pampero, and sharing equal ownership, create Destilería Carúpano, CA, a relationship that lasted until 1962.

Destilería Carúpano remains a family business and has, thus far, been administered by four generations of that same family. Its equity is fully distributed among Venezuelan corporations. In 2010, the Destilería Carúpano Family Manifesto was prepared, as a basic agreement of compelling nature signed by the company shareholders, which seeks to reflect the guidelines in family relationships with the company and vice versa, to stabilize, harmonize and strengthen family relationships through understanding, maintaining and defining the core values, policies and commitments within the family itself and, at the same time, achieving the common good of the family, ensuring the continued and healthy development of Destilería Carúpano.

This family Manifesto consolidates the commitment to absolute transparency in the operations of the company and the willingness to gradually delegate its daily management to non-family professionals.

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