Pure spring water

In Destilería Carúpano, the water used to make the rum comes from either a spring or a deep well, this ensures a greater purity guaranteeing that there will be no undesirable odors or flavors.

A demanding environment

A strict legal framework and an important competitive environment that forces us to improve our products in a progressive and planned manner. In Venezuela there are numerous brands of high quality rum, and many brands are endorsed by the C.D.O., so the competitive standards are very high. This inspires us, every day, to seek to have greater quality products to conquer the Venezuelan palates

An exceptional microclimate

Destilería Carúpano is located in the Hacienda Altamira in the Macarapana-Carúpano valley, a low altitude area at sea level where a particular microclimate develops with a high degree of relative humidity from Caribbean Sea breezes and high temperatures, as a result, the time required for aging is accelerated, optimized and intensified.

More than 250 years of Rum Mastery

Our ability to produce a wide and unlimited range of distillates. Meaning, to produce in a standardized and parallel way, distillates with different degrees of differentiation in the same category and in different categories among themselves. Our techniques and our experience have allowed us to identify subtle differences between products that are attractive to even the most demanding palates. In addition, this area of expertise is combined with sensory evaluations and consumer knowledge to offer attractive brands, in intriguing bottles with an authentic product quality.

Controlled Designation of Origin

Venezuela’s extraordinary natural bounty never ceases to amaze; vast amounts of treasures and wealth grow spontaneously from its richness. Rums made in Venezuela are in a different category to those produced in other countries because of their special attributes, a direct result of the combination of a series of unique elements

Selected Sugar Cane Alcohol

Because there is a direct relationship between the quality of alcohol and sugar containing molasses in the cane; a higher content of sugar means higher quality of alcohol. Sugar levels of Venezuelan honeys are among the highest in the world, ranging from 50% to 56% in concentration. This is mainly due to the Venezuelan climate with high daytime temperatures of 28 to 32 degrees Celsius with falls of up to 10 degrees overnight.

Our alcohols, the perfect balance

we carry a perfect balance and combination between light and heavy alcohols. The light ones are generally those that come from distillation columns and are low in congeners (impurities some of which are favored for giving the desired sensory profiles). The heavy are generally those that come from the distillation in an alembic or pot and have a high content of congeners. This balance allows for an optimum aging time.

White Oak Barrels

the barrels used for the aging process are of white oak and this wood, in addition to its hardiness that makes it suitable for this task, consists mainly of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin, which means it is a wood with a low sap content, so it does not hinder the sensory notes desired for the final product. But in addition, our American white oak barrels have had a previous use with Bourbon, which gives the rums of Carúpano woody notes and hints of vanilla.

Double aging, a differentiating element of our rums

They are a fundamental link in the success of the whole process. We are also very focused on insuring an equilibrium when blending aged rums, matured at length in barrels of American white oak without replacement of angel’s share, with our Limited Reserves of up to 25 years of aging. Thus, we uphold the undeniable truth in saying: “cane alcohol, water, wood, our masters blenders and time makes Carúpano’s Rum.”

Because some Carúpano old rums have been double aged. After mixing old rums with fresher ones, both with lengthy aging, sealed in white American oak barrels, without replacement of losses and Reserve Mothers aged for a long time, they are resealed, to start a new process of aging that will improve the flavor and make our rums even smoother and creamier with a more constant and prolonged finish.

The regulatory framework

It establishes specific conditions: That the drink called “rum” has a minimum of two years of closed aging in American white oak barrels. Prohibition of filling the annual losses of the barrels where the aging takes place: consequently, the aged rum obtained is of very high quality and has a unique color, aroma and flavor. A minimum of 40 ° C.L in the final result.

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