Our Beginnings

Destilería Carúpano’s historic tradition dates back to 1762 when the Hacienda Altamira-Carúpano in Macarapana is established by the Spanish captain Felix del Fierro, and that is where, for the first time in Venezuela, what is now called Ron Añejo was produced. In 1954 the Morrison family bought the bicentenary Hacienda Altamira...

Rum and Its Origins

Rum originated in the Western Indies and is referred to in historical records dating back to the 1650’s. These, originating in Barbados, speak of “Rumbillon” meaning “noisy uproar” and referring to the boisterous effect it had on the sugar cane plantation workers. Other sources trace the origins of the name to the Latin word “Saccharun” meaning sugar...

Venezuelan Rum

The life of our Venezuelan rum begins with the processing of sugar cane, hand cut from the best plantations on the sun drenched eastern Caribbean coast. Raw cane sugar transforms into Molasses which, when diluted with fresh spring water and distilled in time honored tradition, becomes the spirit upon which this extraordinary rum is based....

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