Destilería Carúpano


Destilería Carúpano nestles in a valley amid the humid and fertile earth of the Hacienda Altamira in Macarapana. Founded in 1762, by a Spanish captain Felix del Fierro, the Hacienda Altamira is a perfect paragon for the 250 years old history of Carupano s Rum. The transformations it has undergone through time, mirror the life cycle of rum itself. It was, at the Hacienda Altamira where the first aging processes took place. When aguardiente or firewater was produced and went unsold, it was kept in barrels imported from Europe, which originally had contained wine. The result was Aged Rum, a term denoting sugar cane alcohol that needs more time and care for its preparation, closer to a true liqueur art than just an adequate distillation technique.

As the true heir of these traditions, Destilería Carúpano produces only the best rums, selecting the best alcohols from its unique distillation process and, for over two centuries, using only the purest water drawn from its own springs. These two elements- alcohol and water- of exceptional quality, contribute immeasurably to the unique character of its rums; and additionally, the white American oak wood of the barrels together with the time taken for the aging process of the of sugar cane alcohol are scientifically believed to contribute up to 60% or 80% of the final taste and quality of our rums.

The white American oak barrels increase its complexity; exacerbate its fragrance and subtleness, create astringency and help to develop color, mixing together with other flavors emanating from previous use of the barrels when aging Bourbon. The remainder percentage of the nature of our rum is defined by other factors associated with the aging process such as: the condition and history of each barrel; the design of the warehouses were the barrels are kept and how they are positioned in them; the geographic location of these warehouses; the particularly special micro-climate of the Hacienda Altamira valley where the of sugar cane alcohols are matured and how long they are aged. From all of this, we can gather the fundamental importance of the barrel in connection with the final character and quality of the rum, hence our high regard for the undeniable truth: The time and the wood make the rum.

In the same fashion, the outstanding reputation of its products has been achieved by its traditional manufacturing methods by balancing the 50 years experience of our artisan rum blender with the knowledge of the most recent sensorial analysis techniques from Destilería’s Carúpano rum master blender. They are a fundamental link in the success of the whole process. We are also very focused on insuring an equilibrium when blending aged rums, matured at length in barrels of American white oak without replacement of angel’s share, with our Limited Reserves of up to 25 years of aging and imported grape musts, guarantees the highest quality and unbeatable taste, aroma and style.

A history of experience, attention to detail and its present production capacity, allows Destileria Carupano to manufacture, not only the best rums, but also dry and sweet liqueurs, flavored drinks and spirits such as brandy, whisky, vodka and gin. At the end of the day, only products that achieve the highest standard and contain the best ingredients are deemed good enough to carry and merit the name Destileria Carupano.

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