Venezuelan Rum

The life of our Venezuelan rum begins with the processing of sugar cane, hand cut from the best plantations on the sun drenched eastern Caribbean coast. Raw cane sugar transforms into Molasses which, when diluted with fresh spring water and distilled in time honoured tradition, becomes the spirit upon which this extraordinary rum is based.

The spirit is purified through a gradual centrifuge from where it passes to distillation columns. Its alcoholic content increases and it also reaches the desired levels of other components which are developed during the process; these give the final product its characteristic taste and smell.

The resulting alcoholic solution, is diluted with demineralised water, and goes through an initial enhancement stage. It is analysed, tasted and balanced for quality control purposes and, providing it meets our exacting standards, is barrelled in American white oak casks. These casks are officially sealed and the rum begins its aging process. All our rums are aged for a minimum period of two years in order to ensure a basic benchmark of quality; however, the longer the aging process, the more complex and subtle the rum becomes. Accordingly, we age certain rums for up to twenty five years.

Venezuelan government controls prohibit the topping up of casks to make up for wastage caused by the aging process thereby ensuring that our consumers receive rum of the very best quality.

Once the aging process is at an end, our rum undergoes one final refinement, in which grape must, imported from the finest Spanish wineries, is added and mixed in with the rum to enhance body and flavour. The rum is again laid down for a further thirty days after which the best Aged Rum in Venezuela and the world, is ready to be bottled.

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